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"Simply amazing a Truly Gifted Soul"-Kikiya "Absolutely Outstanding she Genuinely Cares and Truly Wants to Help Her Customers"-sawson_xo

I am straight to the point, you will get Angelic Divine Intervention with me. I am the best of the best, GLOBALLY, currently I have counseled over 30,000 people in 18 years. I also have a B.A. in Human Services and graduated with honors. My exceptional ratings combined with my angelic passion to help people, and 18 years of professional experience and divine intervention, is the key to really getting the help you need, and get you where you really want to be in your life! I provide: Crisis Intervention and Love Relationship expertise. Career, Business, Education, Investments, and Marketing expertise. Family, Marriage, and Life Skills Help, Support, and expertise. I also greatly enjoy Medium readings, and helping people talk with their dead family and friends, for great healing and closure. I also love to Read Pets and help sweet, loving pet owners.

Experience & Qualifications

I use NO TOOLS. Angelic Divine Intervention. I will exceed expectations, my success stems from my strong love for people and empowering people’s lives, to become the healthiest, happiest, people on Earth. I am an Angel “change intervention agent” I will give you forward thinking help, support, ideas, and creativity, and personalized empowerment. I love to give personalized divine intervention and angelic love, care, compassion, and ethical and professional services. Let’s get you back to your true self, let’s get you on the track you want to be in life!


18 years as a Professional Psychic, 9 years giving Healings. I also have a B.A. in Human Services.

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