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I have had a NDE experience - into the Light! It gave me clear understanding of connection to Spirit,& what that means! EMPOWER your life!!!

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I am a highly accurate Spirit based psychic working professionally for over 30 year. I have helped FBI and and Homicide bring difficult and old cases to conclusion. I had a Near Death Experience that brought me special gifts that I want to share with you. The main focus of my work has been relationships. I am is a Relationship Expert. I tell tell you what your partner is truly thinking and feeling. My gift is to look deeply at the dynamics of a couple,and how to proceed creating a more successful union. I am very honest and care about your well being. I offer Self Empowerment,and Higher Awareness Techniques for personal growth & development.


Certified Master Class Psychic,Relationship Expert!,I see clearly into your Lovers Heart.Relationship Dynamics,Unconscious and Conscious Motivations,Angel Channeling,Life Coach,Spiritual Coach,Dating and Relationship Coach,Long Distance Reiki,Remote Viewing

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