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Hello my name is MsCanSeeU Let’s release old beliefs that no longer serve you. Stop being stuck in the same situations and begin a new path! Think big there are spirits, guides, and angels ready to assist you towards your goal and dreams, let me help you r

I will help with intuitive advice that is realistic and straight forward..I help to build relationships, reconnect lovers and bring lovers to you... I will get to the issue and guide you to reaching your desired results! From Reuniting Lovers, Opening roads to bring in new Love, Commitments, Work relationships, friendships and many more. Together we can clear blockages that stand between you and your desired result.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a natural intuitive. My gifts has blossomed with meditation and prayer. I have given guidance for years to family, friends and others to help them build the relationships they desire from Love, work, friendships, partnerships and many more.


Code of Ethics All sessions are completely confidential between you and I and treated as a professional service. I will not lie to you. I help focus on the reality of all situations. No sugar coating! During a session your time will never be interrupted unless it is a technical problem. I do not impose judgement on anyone. My readings are open to any subject/matter meaning there is nothing off limits to what you can speak to me about. I will not provide services to anyone under the age of 18 under any circumstances. If you do not feel we are connecting, do not hire me. If you feel we have a connection you have to hire me to proceed with the reading because I do not give free readings!!! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK. I truly appreciate the positive energy!

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